A driver in Ottawa, Canada, captured on his dashboard camera the jaw-dropping moment a cyclist runs a red light and is smashed into by a car, sending his bike flying several feet towards a pedestrian. Miraculously, the cyclists gets up, and has escaped serious injury.

Nick Fleury was driving along when a cyclist appeared from his left, pedalling into the path of oncoming traffic. Though the cyclist managed to dodge Fleury's car, he was struck hard by another vehicle braking sharply in the next lane.

The blue hoody-wearing cyclist had his bike shunted from underneath him and he flipped over the bonnet before quickly getting to his feet. "This afternoon an Ottawa cyclist ran a red light and was struck by a car," wrote Fleury, who caught the footage and posted it online, on his YouTube account.

"This was my first day with a dash cam. I recorded for less than two hours before witnessing this and the footage will be very helpful for the family in the vehicle.

"There was actually a ghost car police officer directly on the corner. She witnessed everything and was immediately in position to help. The rider luckily walked away with a sore hip. The driver and his wife were fine.

"Please pay attention while traveling no matter what method of transportation you use. Drive safe, ride safe."

According to CBC News, the cyclist was charged by police for running the red light.

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The moment before the cyclist is hit by a car YouTube/Nick Fleury