Wandering around big cities like New York or London, you might not be too surprised to see a famous face - an actor here, a presenter there, but a murderous dictator intent on garnering nuclear weapons? Someone call the CIA.

At least, for most of the New Yorkers featured in YouTube prankster QPark's latest video, that didn't seem to be the first thought. No, the main reaction to seeing North Korea leader Kim Jong-un on the streets of the city was: let's get a selfie.

In fairness to the residents of New York city, most people seemed in on the joke - quickly sussing that the head of a rogue nation was unlikely to be wandering the streets with a single bodyguard.

The video shows people stop as the look-alike, played by Dragon Kim according to the video's description, saunters past, stopping to wave at those who call him or do an imitation of Kim's straight-backed, straight-armed clapping.

"That's hilarious. He's in Harlem!" says one passerby early in the video. Another hands him a flyer and attempts to sell him a phone: "If you need a phone, we got phones."

"Do you have rockets?" Kim's faithful bodyguard replies. "We don't have rockets." the man says.

In a barbers, the look-alike asks for a new bowl cut to laughter from the assembled New Yorkers. "You're missing one person," someone yells from the back, "you're missing Dennis Rodman." referring to Kim-Jong Un's surprising friendship to the idiosyncratic former basketball star.

Along with the jokes and photos, a number of people also note that the supreme leader looks "scary".

"There was a lot of comedy, a little bit of catcalling and only a tiny bit of street harassment." QPark wrote in the video's description. "In a strange way, it gives me hope that differences can be resolved between all the countries and that we can find a way to co-exist as well as find a way to help the people of North Korea."