The fate of YouTube's most subscribed content creator, PewDiePie - real name Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg - is in his own hands. He's locked himself into a 'will I / won't I' debate, after promising to delete his mega-popular channel once it reached a record 50 million subscribers.

That milestone has now passed, leaving the YouTube community and his legions of so-called "Bro Army" fans on tenterhooks that the unthinkable may come to pass.

The 27-year-old Swedish gamer, "vlogger" and comedian shocked the YouTube establishment on 2 December, citing algorithm changes that allegedly inadvertently limit the number of views that channel owners receive, thereby reducing the content creator's income.

Kjellberg is expected to act within the next 24 hours and whatever your opinion of the Brighton-based "influencer", witnessing a multi-millionaire demolish his YouTube empire is a bold act of protest to say the least.

In the meantime, IBTimes UK has compiled the top five most-viewed videos from Pewds' at-risk channel, so you can watch them before it all potentially goes up in flames.

Note: Many of the videos contain explicit language and themes.

5. "WORLDS MOST OFFENSIVE GAME?" - 23 November, 2013

Current views: 37.6 million

Kjellberg is joined by his girlfriend and fellow YouTube personality Marzia Bisognin - a.k.a. CutiePieMarzia - and their two Pugs, Edgar and Maya, for a quick round of Cards Against Humanity - a game a colleague described as "Blankety Blank meets conversations you'd never have in public."

4. "FUNNY GAMING MONTAGE" - 28 October, 2012

Current views: 46.3 million

PewDiePie initially rose to fame through his video game 'Let's Plays' and his to-camera reactions, particularly when it came to horror games. The above is the first out of three montage videos to crack the top five and includes reactions to Amnesia: The Dark Descent, Slender, Just Dance 4, PaRappa the Rapper and more.

3. Jabba the Hutt (PewDiePie Song) by Schmoyoho - 14 September, 2013

Current views: 47.3 million

A heavily auto-tuned song by YouTuber Schmoyoho that features spliced voice clips and footage from PewDiePie's channel. Is this memes? I think this is memes.

2. "FUNNY MONTAGE.. #2" - 5 April, 2014

Current views: 63.5 million

The penultimate gaming montage, this time with greater production values, including clips of Kjellberg playing South Park: The Stick of Truth, Dark Souls 2 and Goat Simulator.

1. "A Funny Montage" - 4 June, 2013

Current views: 75.4 million

PewDiePie's most viewed video on YouTube is, unsurprisingly, another gaming montage. Apparently Surgeon Simulator, Super Mario fan games and rambling on about ducks guarantee YouTube success. Who knew?