Corbyn vs Cameron
Jeremy Corbyn and David Cameron will go head-to-head for the fourth time at PMQs Reuters

David Cameron will go head-to-head with Jeremy Corbyn for the leaders' fourth Prime Minister's Questions (PMQs) across the dispatch boxes from each other on 28 October. The Labour chief goes into the House of Commons bout after his party's peers delivered a major blow to one of the government's flagship welfare reforms.

The upper chamber blocked George Osborne's plan to cut tax credits for millions of people across the UK and the chancellor will now have to soften the welfare reforms. Cameron promised to launch a "rapid review" of the Lords after the supremacy of the Commons was challenged by the unelected politicians.

Meanwhile, Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell promised not to attack Osborne over the issue if he U-turned away from the cuts. But the issue is likely to be raised during PMQs before Cameron jets off to Iceland, where the prime minister will quote Exodus in a bid to avoid a Brexit.

There has been some confusion around the 28 October debate as the BBC's Daily Politics reported that Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond would face off from Shadow First Secretary of State Angela Eagle. But Number 10 confirmed to IBTimes UK that Cameron will be leading PMQs and Corbyn is expected to take the lead for Labour.

You can watch the bout on BBC Parliament, BBC2's Daily Politics, Parliament TV and Sky News from 12pm GMT. Also make sure to follow @IBTUKPolitics for live reaction and commentary on the debate.