David Cameron and Jeremy Corbyn are set to go head-to-head yet again in the House of Commons the day before outgoing US president Barack Obama lands in the UK for a short visit. His trip to Britain may come up during Prime Minister's Questions (PMQs), amid reports that Obama has no plans to meet the Labour leader.

"The White House had long ago dismissed approaching Mr Corbyn, who has been a bitter critic of US foreign policy for decades – revealing it is the Labour boss who faces being snubbed," The Sun claimed. The story comes after a spokesman for Corbyn told IBTimes UK that he was "keen" to meet the president.

But there are plenty of other issues to be raised in the Commons as the Tata Steel sell-off continues and England still faces an all-out strike from NHS junior doctors from 26 April. The latest development in the contract dispute has seen the British Medical Association (BMA) write to and ask the health secretary Jeremy Hunt for an emergency meeting.

"We have today [19 April] written to the BMA to make clear that it is not credible to call for imposition to be lifted when they refused to negotiate on the one remaining issue of Saturday pay that separates the two sides," a Department of Health spokesperson said.

Meanwhile, the EU referendum campaign has dominated the news agenda. Justice Secretary Michael Gove attacked pro-EU campaigners, including Cameron and Chancellor George Osborne, as "bogeymen".

"The 'In' campaign want us to believe that Britain is beaten and broken, that it can't survive without the help of Jean-Claude Juncker and his Commission looking after us and, if we dare to assert ourselves, then all the terrors of the earth will be unleashed upon our head. It treats people like children, unfit to be trusted and easily scared by ghost stories," the top Conservative declared.

Corbyn will not be able to capitalise on Gove's speech since he has also thrown his support behind the 'remain' campaign. But the address may have inspired Eurosceptic backbenchers to grill Cameron during PMQs.

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