A dissatisfied Cornwall man has told the Conservatives to go "pick on pensioners somewhere else" as Boris Johnson was campaigning in the south-western county.

The foreign secretary was in St Ives to support local MP Derek Thomas and was giving interviews to the press, but was interrupted by local man Grant Curnow.

Aside from airing his displeasure at the so-called "dementia tax", which the Tories appeared to make a U-turn on, Curnow also accused Johnson of lying and the local candidate of being anonymous.

As Johnson said how happy he was to be supporting Thomas, Curnow said: "We have never seen that man since he was elected. He made so many promises, we have not heard from him since.

"I am sorry, but Andrew George [the Liberal Democrat candidate] is a much better bet. Andrew George has done so much more for this town."

As Johnson walked away, Curnow could be heard shouting: "You lied to us Boris, you lied about the money [going to the EU]."

When a Conservative Party staff member claimed that the money would be returned once Britain leaves the EU, Curnow said: "Are you joking? You don't want to leave the European Union. You're doing everything you possibly can to screw it up.

"Do you really think Theresa May, who does U-turn after U-turn, who's actually done one again today, is going to do us the right thing?"

As Johnson and his team made an abrupt exit and can be seen driving away, Curnow added: "Go and pick on some pensioners somewhere else. We'll look after ours."