Wayne Rooney
Wayne Rooney marks 10 years this weekend since he joined Manchester United Getty

Manchester United star Wayne Rooney has praised former manager Sir Alex Ferguson and thanked him for making him the player he is today.

Rooney and Ferguson's relationship had reached a very low point during the Scot's final season in charge of United, and there were words exchanged between the player and the manager when Ferguson admitted that Rooney had asked for a transfer away from the club.

But the England international performed a U-turn and signed a new deal at the club. Now under new manager Louis van Gaal, Rooney is celebrating 10 years at Old Trafford and on this occasion he has thanked Sir Alex for having faith in him and giving him the opportunity to play for a club like United.

"He was vitally important. I'm grateful to him for having the faith to bring me in from Everton," Rooney said, as quoted in the Daily Mail.

"I think he's an incredible person and manager, the way you see his desire for the game. He certainly helped me a lot and helped us all."

"At the time I was coming into the squad as a young lad and there were a few other young lads. He brought all that together and made us world (club) champions. I'm very grateful for everything he's done," the former Everton player added.

"It was a great feeling. Sir Alex is the best manager there's been and for him to recognise my talent and want me to join this club was a great honour for me."

"I was nervous of course. It was a bit weird because I met him here at the training ground and then went to finalise it at Old Trafford. He drove me over, just the two of us in his car. I remember being nervous but he was great and made me feel comfortable," Rooney remarked.

Rooney also added that it was his decision to leave Goodison Park and move to Manchester, and admits that it was tough on his family, but said "it's part of football".

"I'm a strong-minded person and sometimes you have to make tough decisions. No-one else could make it for me. It was down to me whether I left Everton and I made my agent aware and told my parents that I was going to join Manchester United. I had no regrets doing that."

"It was tougher for my family who stayed in Liverpool whereas I moved to Manchester but that's part of football."

The Red Devils skipper sees his future at United and believes he will be at the club when his contract comes to an end in five years time.

"I hope so. I think the plan is I've just signed a new long-term deal at the club and hopefully in five years' time we'll be sat down for a 15-year [interview]. I don't see any reason why not," Rooney concluded.