WealthInsight say 1 person in 35 is a millionaire, according to a new survey
The richest 1% will soon own half of all of the world's wealth, according to Oxfam. Reuters

If you ask Oxfam, it will tell you the richest 1% of people in the world will soon own half of all wealth – and it is party time for them while the rest of the 99% suffer.

But the top 1% still has a vast disparity between those at the top of it and those at the bottom.

At the top are multi-billionaires in the 0.01%. At the bottom are people whose net wealth is over $768,000, who scrape in to the 1%.

According to a 2014 study by the National Bureau of Economic Research, the top 0.1% in the US – just 160,000 families – had net assets worth more than $20m (£13.2m, €17.2m).

So here's a question for you. God has given you a choice with no caveats or repercussions.

You can click your fingers and make society more equal by redistributing the wealth more equitably between everyone, so that we are all a bit better off.

Or you can click your fingers and be fantastically wealthy so that you and you alone immediately join the world's richest 0.1%.

What would you choose?