Marijuana aficionados in Massachusetts rolled a 100ft-long joint during an exhibition for weed vendors and supporters in Worcester on Saturday (16 December), to celebrate one year of legalisation.

The Telegram & Gazette reports that 1,000g of the drug were used in the creation of the joint, which drew big crowds who took pictures and selfies with the enormous doobie after it was revealed shortly after 4:20pm local time.

Weed was legalised for recreational use in the state of Massachusetts following a vote in November 2016.

Under state law, adults over the age of 21 can possess up to 10 ounces of marijuana inside their homes and one ounce outside.

The joint was assembled by Boston-based pro-cannabis advocacy group Beantown Greentown, and consisted of strains they had developed called 'Wicked Pissah' and 'Boston Massacre'.

Shortly before its reveal, an announcer at the event asked the assembled potheads: "Who wants to see a really big joint?"

The event, called the Harvest Cup and held at the DCU Center in Worcester, included speakers discussing a range of topics – from the history of legalisation to how to establish legal marijuana businesses – and competitions.

The Harvest Cup was sponsored by the Massachusetts Grower Advocacy Council, MassCann/NORML and the Massachusetts Patient Advocacy Alliance.

"What we're hoping to get out of it is a little bit of celebration to bring this out of the shadows and let the average Joe know this is not just some room that stinks like patchouli and is filled with hippies," said Peter Bernard, president of the Massachusetts Grower Advocacy Council.

"We're coming out of the 'pot closet,' so to speak."

Beantown Greentown co-founder Keith Laham said: "We want people to join the club and become part of a bigger community. Everybody backs each other up. We're all hardcore smokers, we don't want to run out of weed."

They're also hopeful the joint could be a world record-breaker.