Would you like to decorate your home with insects? A weird thought maybe... but once you see these beautiful pieces of art... you won't think twice!

Meet Lindsey Bessanson, of Arizona, US, who specialises in creating artistic masterpieces of a rather different sort - from dead insects!

Lindsey started making insect jewellery in 2003. Back then, she bought them (the dried insects) online, or from special Web sites for entomologists, and cast them in silver. It was only later that she started working with dead insects herself... because she felt it allowed the piece of jewellery to retain a sense of originality.

"My first dung beetle made me want to start working with the actual insects as art instead of casting them - It was a brilliant purple colour. Sometimes the casting just isn't as beautiful as the original bug. They can be very jewel-like in themselves," Lindsay was quoted as saying in the Daily Mail.

Lindsey takes the dried specimens and puts them through a humidifier for a few days... this helps open up the wings and legs and reposition them. Sometimes, when she finds what she thinks is a particularly pretty insect, she freezes it, for a "quick, humane death".

"One thing I have updated about my process is I can now guaranty that all insects have not been "hunted". I have switched to "no kill" resources for all of my specimens. All insects have been either found already dead by me or are purchased from sites that have informed me the insects were not killed for the purpose of profit. Except for one arachnid... Scorpions, I cannot stop my mother from killing them when she finds them in her house," she explained, in a note on the Hadal Art Web site.

Along with the jewellery itself, she also sells prints of her more popular pieces.

Check out some of her art works...