Welshmen - Penguin theft
A file picture of a fairy penguin. Reuters

Two Welshmen have been slapped a fine of $1,034 AUD (£ 658) each, on Wednesday for lifting a Penguin from a theme park in Australia.

Rhys Owen Jones, 21, and 20-year old Keri Mules were convicted of trespassing, stealing and keeping the bird by an Australian court.

The magistrate quipped that they were lucky not to have drunkenly stumbled into a polar bear enclosure.

"You could have found yourselves in a morgue if you'd gone into the wrong enclosure. Perhaps next time you are at a party you will consider drinking a little less Vodka," the Australian Associated Press (AAP) quoted the magistrate as saying.

Jones and Mules from South Wales were arrested for breaking into the Sea World theme park on 14 April. Mules is reported to be a bricklayer while Jones is said to be a former British Royal marine.

"These were young boys, grossly stupid and grossly affected by alcohol," argued Bill Potts, the Welshmen's lawyer, in the court.

"They've apologised to the court and to the people at Sea World and most importantly to Dirk. They are very pleased that he wasn't harmed," said Potts, according to Sky News.

"They tried their incompetent best to care for the penguin," Potts added. The two were reportedly trying to feed the penguin bread and also gave him a shower.

The pair along with another friend James Vasilj was heavily drunk when the incident happened.

The three stole a fairy penguin named Dirk and woke up the next day morning to realise what had happened. The locals spotted them when they tried to release the bird in a nearby canal.

The penguin was later returned to the theme park unharmed.

Vasilj faces a single charge of trespassing alone and his case has been adjourned till 27 June.

The trio reportedly also swam with dolphins and let off a fire extinguisher in a shark enclosure according to AAP.

The BBC earlier quoted Rhys Jones as saying: "Still a bit fuzzy about the whole thing, but on behalf of the three of us we are very sorry. It was just a prank which went way too far.

"We are all three of us sorry to Sea World for the time lost in them searching for Dirk and we're glad he is alright."