• West Indies beat India by seven wickets with two balls to spare. Face England in final on Sunday [3 April] in Calcutta.
  • Lendl Simmons stars with 82 not out. Andre Russell (43 from 20) hits winning runs.
  • Virat Kohli top scores with an unbeaten 89 as India make 192 for 2.
  • West Indies won the tournament in 2012.
Lendl Simmons
Simmons struck a fortunate 82 from 51 balls to see West Indies home. Getty Images

Well that is all we have time for on this T20 World Cup live text. The West Indies join England in the final on Sunday. We will return with live coverage of the final, but until then goodbye.


What a finish from the West Indies! Chris Gayle eat your heart out and the Windies produce an innings of power hitting to waltz into the final where they will take on England in a repeat of the Super 10 group match. India were in control after dismissing Gayle early on but their premier bowlers let them down and even Virat Kohli was unable to to turn the tide. West Indies men and women will go in search of World Cup glory on Sunday, with England and Australia standing between them and a fabulous double.


20th over: West Indies 196 for 3 - India on the brink here but can Virat Kohli pluck them oblivion? Incredible desperation from Dhoni to opt for a part-timer. A single from the first ball is followed by a dot ball. Russell gets it away at last and finds four. three needed from three. SIX! Russell charges the ball into the stands and West Indies by seven wickets with two balls left.


19th over: West Indies 185 for 3 - This has been the classic we all anticipated and with 12 balls remaining it is anyone's game. Simmons has been as mesmeric as he has been fortunate, but two boundaries will probably do it for the West Indies. Jadeja is back and what a gamble this is from Dhoni. Just a single from his first two balls and another one follows. Good over this at the half-way stage, as the last over was, but this doesn't have the feeling of falling apart. Now Russell powers the ball straight and into the crowd. The Wankhede Stadium goes silent but the final delivery goes for four. Just eight needed from six.


18th over: West Indies 173 for 3 - The Windies remain ahead in the over-by-over comparison but it was around now when the snake began to rise. Bumrah starts his final over well with a wide slower ball and now pitches one up which Simmons misses completely. The Mumbai crowd cheering everything that doesn't go to the boundary. Three dot balls in a row changes the complexion of this chase. Simmons survives again! Jadeja takes a catch on the boundary but despite throwing it back to Kohli, replays show he made contact with the boundary rope and six is awarded. Ask Simmons for the lottery numbers after this. Simmons goes hard and finds the rope. Advantage West Indies, just


17th over: West Indies 161 for 3 - Nehra is back ahead of schedule, which tells you all you need to know about India's troubles. He won't bowl the length that has seen the ball disappear at times this evening. The West Indies must be favourites from here but there are no guarantees in this sport. Russell totally miss-hits one for six, such is his power which lacked technique but had the velocity to reach the boundary. Just 32 needed from 18 balls.


16th over: West Indies 151 for 2 - Some match now as we enter the final five overs. Simmons survives again as he goes hard and slices for four behind deep point. The Windies get an extra run from an overthrow and six more follows from the bat of Simmons via a fine shot down the ground. Pandya has gone for 43 from his four overs, not what Dhoni ordered.


15th over: West Indies 124 for 3 - Andre Russell is the new man and he hammers the ball to the boundary, just evading Rahane. He won't die not trying and he'll need to go hard as the required rate has jumped to over 12 an over. Russell attempts to redeem that with a hit into the top tier off Pandya. A 99-metre six and that puts this chase back on track. Now a slash at one outside off-stump which goes for a single. Lendl Simmons is rivaling the household cat for lives and he survives for a second time as he smashes a full toss straight down the fielders' throat. Pandya has overstepped and from the free hit he is punished as Simmons finds the stands. India have let two wickets slip through their fingers now and the runs continue to come for the West Indies.


14th over: West Indies 120 for 3 - Would you believe it? Virat Kohli on to bowl and he gets Charles first ball. From batting masterclass to bowling magician and he has turned this game on its head. Simmons get two and he reaches his half century with a nurdle to fine leg. Fine over this from Kohli and it ends with a single. Just four runs from it and the vital wicket of Charles; all MD Dhoni could have asked for.


WICKET! West Indies 116 for 3: Charles (52) b Kohli


13th over: West Indies 116 for 2 - This partnership between Charles and Simmons is worth in excess of 80 and has thrust West Indies back into this chase. Charles nearly picks out Rahane on the boundary with a miss-hit drive down the ground and that is followed by Simmons going big over extra cover for four and he finds the rope again as Jadeja is heaved over the leg side. He has bowled some real dross with no spin on offer.


12th over: West Indies 104 for 2 - Replays tell us a Jadeja no ball has been missed by the umpire and captain Darren Sammy on the bench is not happy, demanding an extra run and a free hit. No doubt Jadeja bowled above the waist. Johnson Charles flicks for four with a fine stroke to go to his half century from 30 balls. India have lost control with their main bowlers badly under-performing. Pandya gets one to shape away from Charles and just evades the off-stump.


11th over: West Indies 97 for 2 - India are just two runs ahead at this stage, though worth saying with Chris Gayle gone and Virat Kohli having been unbeaten each side's best player is at either end of their innings a this stage. Another five overs of this type of scoring is required to nullify the loss of Gayle. Jadeja goes horribly short and Simmons pulls him away for six. Now a four powered through mid-off. Time to be concerned if you're an India fan? Affirmative.


10th over: West Indies 84 for 2 - Charles is really taking the game to India and he fires another six, as the ball strikes the boundary rope on the full. The umpires want another look though but despite the replays suggesting otherwise, six is awarded. The crowd is silent for the first time tonight and Charles pulls for four.. That's another 12 and for the first time the West Indies look a threat.


Ninth over: West Indies 72 for 2 - The punishment continues for Ashwin as Charles goes big with a six launched into the leg side. A dot ball follows but Charles is unperturbed and gets four again with a miss-timed stroke through mid-wicket which takes the partnership to fifty. The required rate is 11-an-over but Simmons get a two and that is 13 to the total. Timely over.


Eighth over: West Indies 59 for 2 - On such small margins big matches rest and India could yet be punished for that bout of ill-discipline from Ashwin, who otherwise bowled that over well. Pandya has the ball now and surely the West Indies will look to take him on? Simmons and Charles rotate the strike with a couple of singles, which will do for India, but the latter breaks free and smashes a four through square leg.


Seventh over: West Indies 51 for 2 - After the powerplay, India were 55 for 0 and no doubt they are on top at this stage. The boundaries are flowing a little bit now and Simmons gets his fourth as Ashwin's introduction is met by a counter-attack. Ashwin's line of attack improves and he think he has Simmons caught behind, but despite being caught by Bumrah Ashwin has overstepped and it is a free hit. It comes to nothing but what a break for the West Indies.


Sixth over: West Indies 44 for 2 - Will the dew even be a factor tonight? Well India are already trying to dry the ball and Jadeja is the victim of the lack of control, as Simmons goes flat-batted down the ground for six. He can't put the spinner away again though as 11 runs come from the over.


Fifth over: West Indies 33 for 2 - Nehra is back for his third and he continues to be a thorn in the West Indies side. The required run rate is already above 10-an-over and Nehra's change of pace is really stifling this chase. Charles is frustrated but he does get a single to get Simmons on strike. The new man swipes for four but Nehra keeps it tight from the next ball.


Fourth over: West Indies 28 for 2 - Charles gets successive fours, the first with a big heavy over mid-wicket, the second via a flick through the wide fine leg area. These two are key to keeping the West Indies in touch here and the boundaries have to continue if the wickets continue to fall.


Third over: West Indies 19 for 2 - Charles gets in on the act with a four down the ground. The required run rate is just under 10 and West Indies can't allow that to get out of control. Nehra wants an lbw as he catches Charles high on the pad. Samuels is all over the place on his crease and anything of off-stump. He eventually departs after a curious innings and he turns one to the leg side and the ball loops up and is caught by Rahane. Terrific start from India.


WICKET! West Indies 19 for 2 - Samuel (8) c Rahane b Nehra


Second over: West Indies 14 for 1 - Bumrah may have one of the stranger actions on the international circuit but my goodness it is effective. India draw first blood as Bumrah gets the swinging yorker to bowl Gayle. Superb delivery and a celebration to match. Marlon Samuels is the new man and there is some task facing the West Indies now. Samuels gets a much-needed four as he edges through second slip. Dhoni is setting Test match fields in these early overs and going very aggressive in the hope of making a second breakthrough, and Samuels finds the gap as a result to get a second boundary.