Almost everyone's favourite White House administration is about to hit the streets to campaign for Hillary Clinton. Cast members of The West Wing — the acclaimed TV series about a fictional Democratic administration and beloved liberal president Jed Bartlet — will be stumping for Clinton in Ohio over the weekend.

Allison Janney (who played Bartlett's press secretary), Bradley Whitford (his deputy chief of staff), Dulé Hill (Bartlett's aide), Richard Schiff (communications director), Joshua Malina (deputy communications director), and Mary McCormack (deputy national security adviser) will be jetting to Cleveland, Toledo, Dayton and Columbus, among other cities, Variety reports.

Some of the cast members have already been stumping for Clinton, but they hadn't yet joined forces.

Whitford's participation in particular wasn't a big surprise.

"With me, it comes down to a very simple case of Hillary being by far the most qualified candidate to run for president in my lifetime," Whitford said earlier this year.

Martin Sheen, who played President Barlett, isn't joining the cast on the stump, but he did appear in the group Instagram photo announcing the endeavour. He was also one of the celebrities in director Joss Whedon's anti-Donald Trump Save the Day video pleading with people to get out and vote.

His sympathies are clear.

Sheen told the Hollywood Reporter in August that Trump is "an empty-headed moron."

He confirmed he is a "big supporter" of Clinton.

Winning Ohio has been historically critical in presidential elections. With recent close polling numbers and Republican attempts to disenfranchise sets of voters, the state's electoral votes could be particularly crucial.