President Donald Trump's eldest daughter and White House adviser Ivanka proudly shared a picture of her fan mail on Thursday (24 August) and the Internet is ruthlessly mocking her for it. The 36-year-old took to Twitter and Instagram to share photos of herself going through a pile of colourful, handwritten letters and drawings from children covered with hearts and smiley face.

"Overjoyed by these beautiful letters," Trump tweeted. "Reading them is one of the highlights of my week."

Twitter, on the other hand, was not impressed and immediately ripped into the Ivanka's thank you notes. While some cast doubt over whether the letters were real or not, others questioned what the expressions of gratitude were for.

"This has got to be a joke," one person tweeted. Another question: "What the hell are you be thanked for? Seriously."

"And for this nonsense you get a top security clearance?" one person chimed. "You're a hypocrite."

Many also joked that the letters were probably from her father.

"Your dad's handwriting has improved greatly!" one Twitter user wrote. Another person added: "I wish your dad would spend more time studying policy and less time writing you all these letters."

Other social media users speculated that the letters were written by White House staffers and pinpointed various details in the letters saying they seemed to be written by an adult using different markers. Keen observers zoomed in on one smiley face that showed a smiley face with dollar signs for eyes.

"Whatever staffer made these fake letters to Ivanka Trump, I loved this little touch - was it a commentary on being blinded by greed?" one person wrote.

Another person suggested: "Sarah Huckabees part time job is writing cards to Ivanka."

Many people also seized the opportunity to share fan letters of their own to Ivanka.