Google has announced that its smart speaker is not the company's only chunk of domesticated tech making its way to the UK, as Google Wifi – a Wi-Fi router intended to fix internet coverage black spots inside the home – will release alongside Google Home on 6 April for £129 ($163) from selected retailers.

The Silicon Valley giant talked up its circular router at a launch event earlier today (28 March), boasting that the device brings "smarts, security and simplicity" to a home Wi-Fi experience.

The router works alongside internet connections from ISPs and existing modems to ensure that multiple devices can run high bandwidth applications - such as streaming movies or playing video games online – as well as providing "consistently strong coverage" around the home.

Google Wifi utilises "mesh Wi-Fi" technology which can turn multiple Google Wifi routers into individual Wi-Fi nodes. "Within our mesh network, each Google Wifi point creates a high-powered connection, and the different Wifi points work together to determine the best path for your data," Google explained. "The result is Wi-Fi coverage even in hard-to reach areas, not just right next to the router."

An accompanying app for Google Wifi will also be available for smartphones which can monitor online security, run network and bandwidth tests, prioritise devices for faster speeds and while also pausing Wi-Fi usage on others. Take that internet-hogging children.

Google Wifi will be available from Argos, Dixons, Maplin and John Lewis from 6 April as a standalone node (£129) and in a pack of two (£229) for those looking to link up multiple nodes. Google Wifi is also "coming soon" to Amazon UK.

Both Google Wifi and the Google Home smart speaker released in the US in 2016, with the latter's Google Assistant AI now going head-to-head with Amazon's Echo speaker and Alexa digital assistant.