Another month, another internet challenge. Over the past five years, social media has been flooded with amusing, confusing, impressive and sometimes downright dangerous - I'm looking at you, Kylie Jenner's lips - challenges.

The 'Invisible box' move dates back to 2014, but the trend is slowly building on Twitter, where people are sharing their attempts, successes and epic fails.

Participants "put" an invisible box on the floor and then pretend to put their left foot on it while their right foot leaps over it. If it sounds easy, watch the hundreds of videos online where people failed miserably.

One teen from Texas brought new attention to the gravity-defying stunt when she shared her attempt on 2 December.

Cheerleader Ariel Olivar, 16, - @Arielo1220 on Twitter - shared a six-second video where she executes the move flawlessly - prompting many to think she faked it all.

Her tweet has gathered more than 197,000 likes and has since been retweeted about 100,000 times.

Olivar told IBTimes UK that she never intended for the video to go viral. She had been having a bit of fun with teammates before a play-off game before attempting the craze.

"On our way home, I decided to post it just for the fun of it," she says

The video was about her third attempt at the move. A second video shows a member of acheerleading squad pretending to kick the box as Olivar jumps in the air and lands on the floor.

Olivar is still amazed at her video's reception:

"Going viral has been wild. All I can say is wow. I never thought it'd explode the way it did and I'm so thankful for all these opportunities that I've been given," she says.

"Seeing more and more people spread it is crazy to me. I'm speechless."

Many have shared their own attempts following Olivar's video displaying less athleticism than the young cheerleader. Do you think you can do better?