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Frances Tiafoe laughing at the sex sounds while playing at Florida's Sarasota Open YouTube

A tennis match in Florida was interrupted after a couple in a nearby apartment could be heard having loud sex.

Commentator Mike Cation was forced to address the disruptive noises as Frances Tiafoe played against Mitchell Krueger in the Sarasota Open on Tuesday (18 April) and the clip is still being shared on social media.

The tennis match didn't go according to plan, with the audience and viewers becoming more fixated on the sex sounds than the game.

Cation initially assumed that someone's mobile phone must have accidentally started playing an inappropriate video.

After claiming, "It's still going on!" Cation came to the conclusion that the tennis wasn't the only thing that was live.

The groans emerged during the players' second set, with 19-year-old Tiafoe attempting to serve against his countryman when he heard the couple, leading him to crack a smile to the audience.

In another nod to the noisy couple, Krueger took matters into his own hands by grabbing a tennis ball and smashing it in the couple's direction, prompting the crowd to burst into laughter.

Watch the clip and you may hear some faint noises in the background...

Before serving at 30-15 to him, Tiafoe even turned in the couple's direction and shouted: "It can't be that good!" as several onlookers jokingly covered their ears.

According to Cation, the noises were coming from an apartment across the lake, and later took to Twitter to write: "Much love to the couple with the windows open across the way!" he tweeted. "Sounds like you guys had a good time!"

Other tennis fans took to Twitter to comment on the surprise racket to the game, with one adding: "It can't be that good! Video is priceless. Sex sounds interrupt tennis match at Sarasota Open" as another joked: "Sorry @SarasotaOpen I'll try to keep it down tomorrow. But I make no promises."