Google Home is the voice-activated personal assistant to take on the Amazon Echo, and it will go on sale in the UK later this year.

Revealed back in October 2016 and put on sale in the US a month later, the intelligent speaker will go on sale in the UK in June, Google says. We will likely hear an exact date and perhaps even a price at a media event Google is holding in London on 28 March.

How much does Google Home cost in the UK?

Home costs $129 in the US, comfortably undercutting the Amazon Echo ($179.99). When it lands in the UK we can expect to see a similar Echo undercut, putting the Home below £150 and likely closer to £100.

What can Google Home do?

Connected to the internet over a Wi-Fi connection and controlled entirely via your voice, Google Home can answer questions by searching online (with Google, naturally). The speaker is claimed to have access to over 70 billion answers, so Home is likely to clear up any household debate rather quickly. If Home can't find the answer in Google's search results, it will head into Wikipedia just as the Amazon Echo does.

As well as looking things up online, Google Home syncs with your calendar to help you plan your day and remind you of upcoming events. Home can also let you know about any traffic problems on your commute to work, and set timers to help in the kitchen.

Music discovery and playback is also a major part of Google Home, just as it is with Amazon Echo and the smaller Echo dot. Home can play music from Spotify, Google Music, Pandora and TuneIn radio; if you can't remember the name of a song, artist or album then Home will attempt to find the right track based on your description of it or whoever performed it.

Google Home is very much an Internet-Of-Things device, meaning it can connect to and communicate with a wide range of smart home gadgets. Home can be used to adjust your central heating via a Nest thermostat, or adjust the lighting via Philips Hue bulbs. Integration with IFTTT (if this, then that) means Home can be configured to control a wide range of devices, and your TV and audio system can be controlled via a Chromecast and Chromecast Audio.

This article will be updated as we hear more about Google's plans for bringing Home to the UK.