Hollywood stars Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt are currently trotting the globe to promote their upcoming sci-fi romance film Passengers. Typically during such events, actors continuously praise their co-stars and this press event has been no exception, that is, until they touched down in the UK.

On Monday 12 December, the typically funny pair appeared on BBC Radio 1, taking part in a segment called Playground Insults. The game sees celebs hurling the most inventive and offensive abuse they can think of at each other in order to make the other laugh, and it's safe to say, these two didn't hold back...

Lawrence began, starting with more personal digs towards Pratt's "false strength" and how his wife Anna Faris would be a more worthy choice in case anyone needed protecting. "You are so stupid, that your three-year-old son has probably taught you everything you know," the Hunger Games star continued.

But it was arguably Lawrence's scathing question, "Where do you keep your Oscar?" that stood out as the best of the bunch. (Pratt hasn't got one).

Pratt gave as good as he got though, sarcastically asking, "Why did they call it Joy?" referencing the most recent film that saw Lawrence bag an Academy Award nomination. Considering that both actors star in their own superhero franchises; Lawrence in X-Men and Pratt in Guardians Of The Galaxy, his insult, "How does it feel being in the stupidest Marvel movie?" must have jokingly stung a bit too.

But it was when the duo started talking about their sex scene in the movie that things really got harsh... Check out the video below to hear the entire trash talk session...

Directed by Morten Tyldum, Passengers – out in the UK on the 23 December – takes place on a luxurious interstellar spacecraft which is part way through a 120-year journey to a distant colony planet Homestead II. Due to the lengthy travel time, the thousands on board are asleep in suspended animation, when an incident rouses two passengers named Jim and Aurora. The pair quickly fall for one another but their love and survival are put to the test when the ship starts to dangerously malfunction.

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