Following the death of cult leader Charles Manson at 83, the focus has shifted to other members of the cult still serving prison sentences. They were responsible for the murders of seven people.

Manson spent 46 years in prisons across California as part of his nine life sentences and was denied parole on 12 occasions.

The news of Manson's death was confirmed by Debra Tate, sister of actress Sharon Tate, who was one of the victims killed in 1969. Tate received the news from officials at the state prison where Manson had been held.

Manson himself did not commit any of the murders. They were carried out by his followers, most of whom were women.

Mary Brunner was Manson's first recruit and the mother of one of his children. Charged with murder, she had been poised to enter prison, but turned witness, granting her immunity from trial.

However, her involvement in a plot to free Manson and others from prison resulted in her prosecution. Sentenced to 20 years, Brunner was released in 1977 under a new name, disappearing from the public eye.

Susan Atkins was convicted of eight murders and sentenced to death. She later had her sentence commuted to life imprisonment in 1969. After 13 attempts to gain parole, she died in prison with brain cancer on 24 September 2009.

Leslie Van Houten was the youngest member of the Manson family and became well known for giggling during her trial, an act later blamed on LSD.

Charged in 1971 with the LaBianca murders, she was sentenced to execution which was commuted to life in prison.

Her parole requests have been declined on 21 occasions with the most recent in April 2016 when her parole had been approved by the board, but was vetoed by the California Governor Jerry Brown.

In September 2017, she was again approved for parole by the board, but remains in prison.

Lynette 'Squeaky' Fromme was best known for her assassination attempt of US president Gerald Ford and remains one of the few Manson members not to renounce their leader.

She was imprisoned for life, but released in 2009. She now lives in New York.

Patricia Krenwinkel joined the Mansons in 1967 and was known for her laughing and singing during the trials.

Krenwinkel also received a death sentence which was commuted to a life term. After 14 parole requests, she remains in jail and is the longest-serving female prisoner in California.

Linda Kasabian met Manson in 1969 and was present during the Tate murders acting as a lookout.

She became a hugely important role in police investigations becoming the chief witness during the prosecution. She had refused to take part in the murders.

After testimony, she continued to live with her husband in New Hampshire.

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