Kevin Yorn
Yorn pictured here with celebrity divorce lawyer Laura Wesser, is said to have had a fling with Gwyneth Paltrow. Getty

Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin may have only just announced their 'conscious uncoupling' but for months there had been whispers their marriage was on the rocks.

Not only was it rumoured the pair were drifting further apart but their marriage had been blighted with reports of Paltrow's alleged infidelity.

Amongst the list of men the Hollywood actress had been romantically linked with in the weeks leading up to the split was entertainment lawyer Kevin Yorn.

The sensational claim first surfaced on "secret-sharing" app, Whisper, in February when an anonymous user alleged the pair were having an affair.

"Gwyneth Paltrow is cheating on Chris Martin with entertainment lawyer Kevin Yorn (you heard it here first)," the message read.

Hours after the rumour began circulating, the Shakespeare in Love star's PR team went into overdrive to shut it down.

Her publicist Stephen Huvane not only rubbished the rumour but went as far as to release a detailed denial to the site, causing many fans to suggest that maybe the 'the lady doth protested too much'.

"The only time Gwyneth has even recently seen Kevin Yorn (who she knows only casually through business contacts) was on a flight from NY-LA. Gwyneth was flying with her assistant and the CEO of [her lifestyle website] Goop and Kevin coincidentally was also in the first class section," he said.

"I cannot be more clear with you when I say she is NOT having an affair with Kevin Yorn and I will be notifying her attorneys as well."

Yorn, who has been married to Hollywood talent agent Julie Beth Silverman since 1996, is not the first man that Paltrow is said to have enjoyed a tryst with.

In October Vanity Fair was set to expose her alleged affair with billionaire Jeff Soffer in 2008 in an 'epic takedown' before later scrapping the story.

Kevin Yorn Facts

  • Yorn was raised Jewish.
  • He is a partner at Los Angeles law firm Morris Yorn Barnes Levin Krintzman Rubenstein & Kohner.
  • He is an entertainment lawyer representing stars like Scarlett Johansson, Elle DeGeneres and Zoe Saldana.
  • Yorn has been married to Hollywood talent agent Julie Beth Silverman for 18 years.
  • He has famous siblings. Singer/songwriter Pete Yorn and Hollywood agent Rick Yorn are his brothers.