A 19-year-old McDonald's worker in Brisbane, Australia did a heroic job by saving an 11-month-old baby who had a seizure.

The incident took place when the baby and his mother entered the fast food outlet's drive-through. Lily Kay was at the serving window of the drive-through when baby Benji Burgess started convulsing in the back seat of the car and turning blue.

Kay, who trains as a paramedic, immediately rushed out to help the baby after she realised that the little boy was having a febrile convulsion as he was having a fever.

"I had so much adrenaline going through my system. It was very overwhelming and scary to see him like that," Kay told the Daily Mail Australia.

"I was calm on the outside but I was panicking on the inside," she added.

Kay told her manager to call the ambulance while she laid the baby on his side till the seizure stopped, Jodi Burgess, Benji's mother said.

"I have no idea what my next step would have been. I've done first aid courses but when you're looking at your own kid and they're blue and they're seizing, I had no idea what was going on," Burgess was quoted as saying.

"I was just screaming for someone to call an ambulance. Lily was amazing," she added.

According to Kay, on the day of the incident, it was a very hot in Brisbane. The heat outside pushed Benji's fever over the edge and that lead to the dangerous febrile convulsion.

"He wasn't getting enough oxygen because his muscles were contracting and cutting off his supply. It's very serious for such a small boy.

"It might have only been five or 10 minutes before the ambulance arrived but it felt like a lot longer," she said.

According to Daily Mail, Kay put cold water bottles behind the child's neck which helped him cool down. She asked Jacob to keep Benji in the shade with the help of an umbrella.

Kay also said that she had never dealt with an uncontrolled situation by herself and this experience has made her confident.

Benji's mother said that the boy has made a full recovery and she even invited Kay to his first birthday party on Sunday (19 November).

"I'm positive she was made to be a paramedic," she said.