Lykoi cat
The lykoi lacks hair around its eyes, nose and mouth, giving it a "werewolf" appearance Facebook

A rare 'werewolf cat' has been spotted at LondonCats in Surrey, and cat lovers are itching to get to the show to see its new feline star.

Werewolf cats, also known as lyoki, are a natural mutation of domestic moggies and have been around for 20 years.

Cat lovers caught a glimpse of the rare breed along with 200 other felines at the Leatherhead show on 7-8 January.

There were more than 50 different breeds present, such as Persian, British shorthair and Maine Coons.

The werewolf cat, despite its scary name, is said to be affectionate and playful.

Pervez Alexander, who has two werewolf cats and bred the first one to be born in the UK, told the Telegraph: "My boy was born in the UK on the 14 May 2015 and then the girl is younger, she's only 9 months old. I have heard that someone has imported two."

The lykoi breed started in Vonore, Tennessee. It got its name, as their patchy fur coats are said to resemble werewolves. The word "lykoi" means "wolves" in Greek.

Cat lovers were able to meet 200 felines, with more than 50 different breeds, such as Persians, British shorthairs and Maine Coons, at the Leatherhead show.

Tickets for the show can be bought on the door for £5 or online at Opening times are 10am-5pm both days.