Being single is after all not the worst idea during the holiday season! According to a sexologist-cum-relationship expert Nikki Goldstein, infidelity is at its peak during Christmas and it's more likely that men and women in love might cheat on their partners during this time of the year.

Breaking it down for her readers, Goldstein explains that there are several factors that can work against couples in their relationship during this time. And broadly speaking, she attributes the reasons responsible for infidelity to "stress", "lack of time" and "opportunity".

"These three things exist in most relationships and during many other times, but if you have been facing issues throughout the year, these could tip your relationship over the edge as the holiday period approaches," the writer of several magazine columns explains in her blog.

Other than the three aforementioned factors, Goldstein believes there can be other issues as well, which may be hindering couples from communicating or addressing their problems. "Financial stress, work stress, family stress combined with a lack of time to work on what life throws at you," she adds pointing out the associated factors affecting a romantic relationship.

Explaining that there can be many reasons which may push one towards cheating on their partner, the Australian sexologist concludes: "One reason is often when there is trouble at home." If a couple is struggling on a personal level, everything else like intimacy, connection and desire are pushed to the backburner, according to Goldstein.

And that's where the festive motivation comes in – when the feeling of letting loose over a couple of drinks takes over.

"People in this situation don't often go out with the intent to cheat, but when they are faced with getting what has been missing for so long and realising that those things have been missing, it's often hard to say no or stop their body reacting to this attention in a way that feels normal," the sex educator suggests.

Christmas couple
“People in this situation don’t often go out with the intent to cheat" Getty

She adds that in situations like a Christmas party, the concoction of alcohol and lowered inhibition makes for the perfect recipe for disaster.

But does that mean couples can't indulge in festivities without breaking up?

If Goldstein's words are any indication, honesty is the key. In addition, being aware of a problem in the relationship and working towards ironing out the creases are the next step, as per the expert.

"Sneak in a date night or do something that reminds you of what you do have at home. You can never completely cheat proof a relationship nor should that be your goal," she adds.

A separate research recently conducted by married dating website Ashley Madison found out how flings might take place during the festive season. While 66 % of the people prefer to not meet their secret partners over the holidays, another 71 % chose to schedule a meet-up soon, preferably within a week of Christmas Day.