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Ant McPartlin and Lisa Armstrong's 11-year marriage was hit by rumours of trouble when multiple reports claimed over the weekend that the pair is living separately. Not only is the couple facing a potential split, but as per insiders, the makeup artist has even confided to her friends that her marriage is "definitely over".

Amid all this, the 41-year-old wife of the UK presenter was hit by a troll, who tried to shame Armstrong for not being there for her husband as he coped with his painkiller addiction.

McPartlin had checked into rehab in June after he developed a dependence on pain killers following his knee operation.

"I've been addicted to codeine. Educate yourself about it first," a Twitter user wrote to McPartlin's wife, implying that she hasn't been supportive of the 42-year-old I'm a Celebrity host's struggles.

Furious at the unwarranted suggestion, even Armstrong hit back in a subsequent tweet. "Educate yourself first love and get your facts rights. You don't know!! Sorry for your pain x," she wrote in response, which has since received enormous support from her social media followers.

"Ignore him @lisaAmakeup. Nobody's business but yours. Hope you are ok xx," a fan wrote, referring to the troll.

A second follower chimed in, "Ignore the interfering media and haters Lisa. It's only yours & Ants business why you have both decided this is your only option. Stay strong girl."

Another fan added, "How can anyone make comments like that without knowing either of you? Shocked. Yes of course it would be a terrible shame but it's your decision. Nothing to do with anyone else. Keep strong."

News of the couple's imminent split surfaced on Sunday (17 December,) with insiders claiming that McPartlin has been living in a separate bachelor pad and is showing no signs of moving back to his family home.

The couple, who has been together for over a decade after tying the knot in 2006, in Taplow, Bucks, have not made any formal statement though.

"[Lisa] is clearly not in a good place," a source close to the couple told The Sun revealing that the makeup artist has expressed her fears regarding her marriage to McPartlin.

"She has told several friends their marriage is definitely over and that she is considering meeting lawyers to discuss things. But on other days she has been more confident they can fix things. She desperately wants it to work out," the newspaper source claimed.

A different source said, "Lisa was very understanding of his need for time alone. She has always felt he'd come back when ready. But that hasn't happened."

nt and Dec and their wives Lisa Armstrong and Ali Astall arrive at Buckingham Palace, where the pair will be awarded OBEs by the Prince of Wales at an Investiture ceremony on January 27, 2017in London, United Kingdom.
Ant and Dec and their wives Lisa Armstrong and Ali Astall arrive at Buckingham Palace Getty