In October 2019, Kelly Stowe of Oklahoma, United States, took her three-month-old son to the hospital as he was unable to move his legs. Doctors at the hospital found out that the infant had broken legs along with broken bones in other parts of his body. The infant was removed from Stowe's care before she was arrested. Stowe admitted to not feeding the child for days. She also told the court she abused the child to get a prison sentence so that she could be with her incarcerated paedophile boyfriend. Stowe was handed a 30-year sentence.

The Pushmataha resident took her three-month-old infant to the hospital when he was unable to move his legs. Keith Capps, the former Antlers police officer who was on the case, reported that the baby's left femur was broken in half. Apart from the broken leg, the baby had two broken ribs. His left eye socket was shattered as well.

The injuries to the infant were reported to the police. When the police questioned Stowe, she admitted to beating the child because he would not stop crying. Through the investigation, it was discovered that the child had been starved for more than four days before being brutally banged up.

Stowe admitted that she had not bought formula to feed the child for several days. Instead of giving the infant formula, the negligent mother gave him water and Tylenol to get him to sleep. Stowe claimed that she was saving money instead of buying formula in order to get her partner out of jail.

The child's father, Kenneth Reed, had been incarcerated for possession of child pornography. Reed is a convicted sex offender in California. After moving to Oklahoma, the man did not register as a sex offender. The failure to register as a sex offender landed the paedophile in prison.

CBS and FOX affiliate KXII News reported that Stowe wanted to be sent to prison because she hoped to be reunited with her boyfriend there. A court found Stowe guilty of child abuse and child neglect. For her crimes, she will be spending 30-years in prison.

The child was removed from Stowe's custody and has since recovered from his injuries.

Infant diet
three-month-old infant was starved and beaten by his mother. UNICEF/Ferguson