The wife of a minister sacked by newly appointed UK Prime Minister Liz Truss has called her an "imbecile" for sacking her husband.

Felicity Cornelius-Mercer lashed out at Truss in a social media post stating that the system "stinks" and "treats people appallingly."

Her husband, Johnny Mercer, was fired from his job soon after Truss became the new prime minister, writes The Telegraph. Mercer is an MP from Plymouth Moor View. The former Veterans Affairs minister had also expressed disappointment with the decision.

But his wife went a step further by calling Truss an "imbecile." She even tweeted a picture mocking her as a character from The Muppets TV show. Cornelius-Mercer tweeted: "He asked her 'why would you do this, who is going to be better at this role than me, which of your mates gets the job, you promised a meritocracy?"

"PM – I can't answer that Johnny."

"This system stinks & treats people appallingly. Best person I know sacked by an imbecile @trussliz." Her husband, meanwhile, has said that he may quit the House of Commons.

"I have to accept that I will never possess the qualities required for enduring success in politics as it stands, and to be fair to my wonderful family, I must consider my future," said the MP.

He tweeted a lengthy resignation letter urging others to "step up." Mercer further stated that the prime minister is entitled to reward her supporters and said that he will now spending time with family. He also clarified that he will not be taking any media requests for some time.

PM Truss has been accused of filling her cabinet with her allies and supporters, a move that has not gone down well with many, writes The Telegraph.

She removed a number of Rishi Sunak supporters from her cabinet during the government reshuffle. All the top jobs have gone to her allies, such as MP for Spelthorne Kwasi Kwarteng and Therese Coffey.

Kwarteng has been appointed Chancellor of the Exchequer, while Coffey has been appointed Deputy Prime Minister and Health Secretary. Coffey had served as the minister for work and pensions under the Boris Johnson government.

Who Is Liz Truss? U.K. Names New Prime Minister
Who Is Liz Truss? U.K. Names New Prime Minister