British tennis player Jamie Murray has some strong opinions about the health and safety protocols that are expected to be put in place when Wimbledon comes around later this month. According to him, vaccinated members of the public should be rewarded and allowed to attend the event at full capacity.

Murray criticised the restrictions that are currently expected to allow only a 25% venue capacity. At the same time, players will still be required to stay in accredited bio-secure hotel in order to play in the prestigious tournament.

The Scot, who happens to live near the All England Club which will host the tournament, thinks that changes have to be made. The event starts on June 28, and according to Prime Minister Boris Johnson's plans, lockdown restrictions must have been mostly lifted by then.

"I'll be fully vaccinated by then. Where's the pay-off for getting vaccinated?," asked Murray, as quoted by the BBC.

He said that the government has been pushing the public to get vaccinated, but even those who did their part still can't fully enjoy their normal lives.

"Why aren't these people rewarded by being allowed to go to Wimbledon? And not even just for Wimbledon, all the events in the summer, concerts, the Euros - let's see Scotland against England with a full house," he continued.

Apart from Wimbledon, Murray also criticised the ongoing French Open, but for an entirely different reason. He complained about the changes in prize money distribution, which has seen the doubles pot go down by 23%.

While the total prize money across the event has been lowered by 10% this year, the distribution has not been to his liking. To be more specific, singles prize money remains unchanged in the early rounds.

However, the organisers have released a statement saying that they have suffered greatly due to the pandemic, but have done their best to keep the prize fund as close to the previous years as possible.

The pandemic claimed its latest sporting victim as the Wimbledon tennis tournament was shelved Photo: AFP / Ben STANSALL