Wind power in Denmark generated 42% of their total electricity consumption in 2015, the biggest proportion ever for any country. This builds on the previous record of 39%, also set by Denmark in 2014, as the country continues to shatter its personal best.

Official data also shows that for 16% of entire year, the western side of the country generated more electricity from wind power than could actually be used. Experts say the country is still on track to hit its 2020 target of 50% electricity consumption by wind turbines.

Lars Christian Lilleholt, Denmark's minister for energy, said: "Hopefully, Denmark can serve as an example to other countries that it is possible to have both ambitious green policies with a high proportion of wind energy and other renewables in the energy supply, and still have a high security of supply and competitive prices on electricity."

The proportion of wind power being generated in Denmark has been increasing consistently over the past ten years. In 2005, the percentage of power generated from wind in Denmark was just under 19%. That has since doubled to the new 42%.

It is believed that the new record is associated with the particularly windy year that Denmark experienced in 2015. It was so windy that on one day at the beginning of September, all of the country's central power stations were turned off, as renewable energy supplied the entire country with enough electricity to last the full 24 hours. This had previously never been done before.

3% of the total wind power used in 2015 was due to neighbouring countries selling Denmark their excess energy. As more wind power is generated, the hope is that more and more excess energy will be shipped across to other countries in need.

"If, for some hours, we have surplus wind energy, the producers sell it to consumers in Norway, Sweden and Germany," said Carsten Vitrup, from Energinet – Denmark's transmissions systems operator. "Conversely, we buy hydroelectric power from Norway, solar energy from Germany and power station electricity from Sweden, when it is advantageous for Denmark."

Denmark is still hoping to reach 84% electricity consumption from wind turbines by 2035. The new record suggests they are on track to reach that target.