Windows 8.1 Update 2
Windows 8.1 Update is expected on 12 August. Itportal

Microsoft will reportedly release its second update to Windows 8.1, commonly known as Update 2, this month.

Zdnet, after speaking to certain sources, reports that the Update 2 will not be a major release from Microsoft and will be referred to as "August Update". It will not be mandatory for users unlike the first Windows 8.1 Update. It will be rolled out to users on the 12<sup>th of this month.

The report further suggests that the August Update will be like any other monthly update to Windows 8.1 integrating some minor design changes, although the Redmond-based tech major planned to make this update an important release.

The Windows team was reportedly trying to make the new Start Menu a part of this update, but removed it and decided to make the Start Menu a feature of the company's next major release, Windows 9. Codenamed Threshold, the Windows 9 is expected in spring next year.

The sources revealed it is unlikely that Microsoft will release a third update after the Update 2. There are a few who believe a third update with some new features will be released this fall.

There is also speculation that the operating system team is reserving all the new features for Windows 9, while releasing such monthly updates with fixes to Windows 8.1 until Threshold arrives.