Witch doctor
A witch doctor was paraded naked in Imo State street in eastern Nigeria (wiki commons)

A naked man has been paraded in the street after reportedly trying to plant an evil charm at his neighbour's home in Nigeria.

Supposed witch doctor Gabon Iyiaka was caught as he tried to break into Chief Marley Nnodium's house, in Imo State - claiming to have been led by the Holy Spirit.

The locals decided to carry out their own instant justice by stripping him naked, beating him and putting him in a wheelbarrow for everyone to see.

Iwunze who witnessed the incident said: "This man is evil right from my childhood. He deserve no pity. Thank God today is my village market day, you can guess what the youths are doing with him in the market.

"Chief Marley is a politician, philanthropist, a well-known individual in Ehime Mbano but he has been finding it so difficult to eat for the past two years."

Iwunze said it was not the first time Iyiaka has tried to bury charms in other people's property and their farmland. Earlier this month he had been caught bathing in the same house.