"The Witcher" season 2 started with location shoots a few days ago at Tomlinscote Woods near the town of Deepcut. Freya Allan (Ciri) was there to film scenes involving fake snow and leaked photos from the same set also showed an interesting figure that resembled the monstrous leshen.

Redanian Intelligence shared a photo provided by "The Witcher" fan @davido10101 of a tree with large overgrown vines surrounding it propped against another tree. There is also snow around and with a little bit of imagination, the tree seems to resemble the leshen from "The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt" video game.

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Rumours have it that a leshen or leshy, an ancient and powerful creature that lives in the forest, will be featured in "The Witcher" season 2. This monster looks downright frightful with its deer skull and thorns for a head, and tree-like limbs.

Past leaked set photos from the filming in the woods showed Ciri standing near the tree. The leshen in the games does not have vines on its body. Perhaps the princess has something to do with why the tree prop is at an odd angle and the reason for all those overgrown vines. Season 1 showed that she possesses immense power. It would take all of Geralt's strength to kill a leshy, but it would only take seconds for the princess to take it down.

Moreover, locals who visited the woods over the weekend shared some other interesting props on the set. There are mysterious-looking big rock structures that look out of place in the area. There are also several vines on trees that could hint at the appearance of another creature in "The Witcher" season 2— the myriapod.

The fake snow and the vines could be a set up for the giant centipede's lair. Then again, the leshy can also control its natural habitat. The strange vines could be its doing.

"The Witcher" Season 2 is now filming under director Sarah O'Gorman for episodes 3 and 4. Fans can likely expect either the leshy or the myriapod, probably even both, in either of the episodes which reportedly involves Ciri on a witcher hunt training with Geralt.

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