A woman in labour refused to go to hospital to give birth until her friend injected her with heroin and methamphetamines, police said.

Felicia Farruggia, 29, from New Hampshire, was in "full labour" but allegedly asked a friend, Rhianna Frenette, 37, to inject her with the drugs before anyone called 9/11.

A statement from police said: "Frenette attempted to inject Farruggia with an unsanitary syringe at least once before she successfully delivered a dose of the drug."

After 9/11 was called, an ambulance arrived and took them to Concord Hospital. Farruggia then gave birth to a baby boy, who was taken into the care of the state.

Responding to the accusation that she had injected her friend with heroin while in labour, Frenette allegedly told the police: "I'm a people-pleaser."

Both Frenette and Farruggia are now facing criminal charges of reckless conduct.

Speaking to CBS News, Concord Police Lt. Sean Ford said the alleged incident had shown a "complete disregard for the value of human life".

The baby boy has remained in the custody of the states since the alleged incident, which took place in September, although Concord police only recently took the decision to release information about the case.

The mother, Farruggia reportedly has other children who have all previously been taken into - and remain in - the custody of the state, a source told the news channel.