An American woman has taken the internet by storm after she added "sex work" in the work experience section of her LinkedIn profile.

The woman, named Arielle Egozi, has more than 9,000 followers on the site and has been hailed by most people for her courageous move.

Egozi wrote a long post explaining why she chose to do so. She posted it with a screenshot of her LinkedIn profile, and spoke at length about how sex work helped her become financially independent.

She talked about how she dictates all the terms of a transaction and charges as much as she wanted to. "I left an in-house job with fancy benefits two weeks ago and the reason I could do that was sex work. I had just enough saved from selling and engaging my image that I could ask myself if I was happy. I wasn't," read the post.

"Yeah, the few grand I'd stashed up over time helped, but the biggest reason I could walk away is because sex work shows me what my power can do when I own it intentionally. I charge exorbitant amounts, "it added.

Egozi also went on to speak about how she sets boundaries and does not mind rejections either. "I set and hold boundaries, and engage only in ways that are safe, playful, and abundant for me. I don't waste my time with anything less."

She then asks, "Why is this different than any other client work?" And adds that people do not have to necessarily understand her choices, but they have to respect them, and that she will not accept anything less than that.

Egozi's post racked up nearly 10,000 reactions and more than 1,600 comments. Some people found her bold move inspiring, others did not feel the same about it.

"This is a very dangerous game you are playing," wrote one user. "You get money, but is it worth looking in the mirror and crying in the shower when you still feel unfulfilled trying to fill a void?"

Another user showed support and wrote: "Sex work IS real work and a great paying one at that! We shouldn't minimize the value of those who take it on as work whether full time or a hustle; just because sex is considered a practice that 'should be free'."

Egozi also works as the Creative Director of Do the WerQ, a digital marketing agency. She is also the founding member of "Women of SexTech," an "inclusive community of sex-positive women changing the sex tech industry."

LinkedIn logo. Joe Kohen/Getty Images for LinkedIn