A woman has been charged with computer hacking after she changed the profile names on her ex-husband's new girlfriend's Netflix account to "Desperate home wrecker" and "The Sk*nk".

Sharen Pound, 33, used a family Cbox account to log onto the streaming service used by her ex-husband's new lover Adele McGillivray, and changed the profile names with the aim of "embarrassing and humiliating" her in front of her partner. The jilted housewife also used the web to order a series of unwanted services for McGillivray, including a nose job from a private cosmetic surgery hospital and the installation of a stairlift at her property from another firm, reports The Mirror.

In her statement read during the trial at Stockport Magistrates and County Court, McGillivray said that she was "distressed and annoyed" when she received calls about her appointments with these companies. She stated, "These calls have caused me considerable amounts of concern. I thought my bank details were visible on my Netflix account and I was concerned the defendant could have accessed them."

McGillivray said that the only reason she was able to identify the cyber attacker was because of the names the accused gave to her Netflix profiles. "I just want this to stop and for her to leave me alone. I feel she is just jealous of my relationship. I feel targeted because of this," she told the court.

The feud between the defendant and the victim reportedly began in April this year after Pound broke up with her unnamed partner and he began dating McGillivray. Prosecutor Peter Conroy told the court that the accused's relationship had ended one year prior to her cyber attack.

Pound has admitted to harassment and has been banned from contacting McGillivray under the terms of a 12-month restraining order. She has also been fined £80 and ordered to pay £119 in costs and surcharges.

Her lawyer, Anthony Derbyshire, said that she is "embarrassed" to be in this position. "Her biggest loss is her good character. She did have no previous convictions. What we are dealing with are actions that took place on a single day. They were not over a prolonged period of time and there is no assertion she has behaved inappropriately in the intervening period," he said.

Derbyshire added that Pound does not seek to oppose a restraining order and has "no desire or wish" to have any contact with the complainant, noting that she has accepted she was entirely in the wrong for what she did.

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