Florida woman Dana McCool had enough of being "ripped off" by her water supplier so she decided to make a stand in the only way she felt she could.

The Deltona resident made a visit to a municipal water department and paid off a bill worth $493 using thousands of penny coins. She filmed the encounter and streamed a series of live videos to her Facebook page on Monday (February 26).

The video shows how she brought a wheelbarrow full of pennies to the government building, much to the bemusement of front-desk staff who were forced to count the change. So far her clips have been viewed over 13,000 times.

According to Dana, the Deltona Water Department has billed her and other local residents with vastly "over-inflated" rates for months.

She claimed that she once received a water bill charging her over $700. She was then told by staff as way of explanation that her property had a leak. However, professional evaluation found that her home plumbing was properly maintained.

Growing frustrated with their response she decided to take drastic action against the company and decided to carry out the stunt.

She said: "They leave us without any means to fight them. If you don't pay, your water service is shut off.

"I finally had enough and wanted to protest. I have nothing but support from my community. They have all been, or know someone affected by this," she added.