Woman Locked up for Five years by Parents
Woman locked up for five years by her parents (Reuters)

A 35-year-old woman was rescued from her home in Bangalore after neighbours heard her crying all night on Monday and told police.

It is alleged that the woman, identified as Hemawati, had been locked up in a room for the past five years by her parents who were trying to prevent her from eloping with her lover.

According to a report in First Post, Bangalore police received reports by neighbours that the woman had been tortured by her parents and held captive.

Her parents claimed she was mentally ill and had been bedridden following a paralytic attack she suffered years ago.

Neighbours claimed she was normal before she was locked up and that she had worked as a chartered accountant.

Hemawati's parents were against her relationship with a man and locked her up when she revolted, they said. According to some reports, the woman's parents even deprived her of clothes to prevent her escape.

"Her parents even deprived her of clothes, fearing that she would flee," a neighbour was quoted in Zee News.

Hemawati was reported to be too traumatised to speak about the incident. she is being treated in hospital.

"I am hungry. I am tired. I cannot speak properly right now," Hemawati told reporters after her rescue.

Her parents are being questioned by police.