Braylynn Lawhon
Man and a child holding hands (Photo for representational purpose) Mohammed Salem/Getty images

A woman has shared a heartbreaking photo of her father crying uncontrollably next to the bed of her five-year-old daughter, who is fighting an aggressive form of brain cancer. Add to this, Ally Parker's father, Sean Peterson, is also terminally-ill with a motor neuron disease that has caused him to lose his speech.

Parker is now facing a grim situation of having to see her daughter, Braylynn Lawhon, and her father die just weeks of each other, Daily Mail has reported, adding the girl was diagnosed with Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma on 6 December. With no cure and no survival rate, DIPG is one of the deadliest forms of brain cancer.

Sharing the picture on Facebook, Parker said it has been "extremely difficult" to cope with the suffering of the two most important people in her life. She added she has no idea how she is going to handle the next couple of hours.

"Princess Braylynn is still with us," Parker wrote alongside the picture of her father and daughter. "Her pulse is barely there and we can not feel it, but we can hear it with a stethoscope. Nurses say she may not make it through the next hour, but miracles can still happen."

"I have been in her bed most of the time, a photographer came for a few hours, my dog Sadie (The one whose bed Braylynn takes over all the time) is here, and we're just waiting for Aunt Wu to get here to say her goodbyes."

Braylynn is inspiring people all around the world, with some saying they have never seen a child as brave as her. Many more have been praying for the recovery of the little girl.

Parker shared another photo of Lawhon, updating well-wishers about what is next for her daughter. The snap shows the little girl with her eyes wide open and making a funny face.

A doctor is trying to treat Braylynn, Parker said, adding that this doctor "believes she still has a chance". "FINALLY, A DOCTOR WHO WANTS TO HELP US," she wrote alongside the picture of her daughter. She also added that it is likely that her child could die soon.

She said her family will "discuss which facilities would be best for her at this stage. And we WILL find one to accept her".

She added, "I couldn't be more proud of my Braylynn, she's always been a tough kid but I severely underestimated her strength. I will never make that mistake again."

The family has opened a GoFundMe page so they can raise $300,000 (£222,336) for a revolutionary procedure not covered by insurance.