A woman, who stabbed her husband and expressed delight after his death, also allegedly tried to chop off his penis before making the fatal attack.

Penelope Jackson, 66, was married to David Jackson, a 78-year-old retired lieutenant colonel for 24 years. She stabbed David three times at their home in Berrow, Somerset, on February 13 this year following a row over an iPad charger, reports Mail Online.

The victim managed to call emergency services and was talking to an operator when his wife drove the knife into him for the final time. She then took over the call, and told the handler, "I've killed my husband, or tried to, because I've had enough."

When asked where he was, she said, "He's in the kitchen bleeding to death with any luck." During the 18-minute long phone call, she repeatedly denied taking steps such as applying pressure to the wound to save her husband. She also gave details about her crime saying, "I thought I'd got his heart but he hasn't got one, then twice in the abdomen. His abdomen is buggered."

As she was being taken to the police car, Penelope said that the only regret she would have is if the victim survives. When later told at the police station that she is being charged for murder, she expressed delight saying, "Oh murder, not attempted murder? Oh, good."

She is accepting the charges of unlawful killing or manslaughter, but denies murder. She alleges that she suffered years of domestic abuse and violence by David during their marriage, which was the fourth for her and the third for the victim, and that he deserved to die.

On the second day of the murder trial at Bristol Crown Court on Tuesday, the jury heard that Penelope had previously threatened to chop off David's penis. Sheila Taylor, the second wife of the victim, told the court that the accused had made threats about it to him even before their marriage.

Taylor's marriage to David ended when he began an affair with Penelope in 1993. Taylor said that one day the defendant had rung their home and demanded to speak to her husband. After David came off the call, he was "white and shaking" and confessed his extra-marital affair to Taylor adding that he has ended it but Penny (the accused) is forcing him to end his marriage instead and come live with her.

Taylor recalled that after her divorce with David was finalised, he told her that Penelope had threatened to "do a Bobbit on him" if he ever tried to leave her. Bobbitt was a reference to Lorena Bobbitt who had cut off her husband John Wayne Bobbitt's penis with a knife while he was asleep in bed allegedly due to years of abuse.

Taylor told the court, "He was very frightened. He honestly believed she was capable of carrying out that threat." She added that she believes he was "afraid" of Penelope and "frightened she would destroy his army career and destroy his reputation."

David's daughter from his first marriage to Jane Calverley also testified in court. She said that she had never seen her father and his third wife violent towards one another, but the accused had liked making people feel uncomfortable.

"It always felt as if he was on edge, my father was very particular, he didn't like to be shown up, when we were children we were always told to behave properly because he didn't like to be the centre of attention. When he was with the defendant he always seemed like he was on edge," she said, adding that the defendant "enjoyed finding people's sore spots and poking them."

Calverley also recalled that when she was staying with the couple during troubles in her marriage, the accused had told her, "It's much easier if your husband kills himself." Penelope's third husband had taken his own life a few days after he learned of her affair with the victim.

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