A 30-year-old nurse has been charged with felony battery on a police officer and disorderly conduct after a video of her slapping a Florida police officer while being carried out from a football game on Saturday (4 November) went viral.

In the video, which was shared on social media, four Miami-Dade officers can be seen removing Bridget Freitas out of the football match between the University of Miami vs Virginia Tech at Hard Rock Stadium.

According to police detective Douglas Ross, Freitas was arguing with other fans and "using profanity." Upon being asked to leave the stadium, Freitas refused and the officers had to use force.

During the struggle of taking her away, Freitas slapped Ross. And to the surprise of the crowd, the officer also punched her in the face.

Ross's punch caused Freitas to crumble in the officers' arms as she was carried out of view of the camera.

"Upon lifting (Freitas), (Freitas) swung and struck (Det. Ross) in the face while attempting to get away, causing this Det. (Ross) to strike (Freitas) in the face to gain compliance and control," the police report read, according to NEWSFIX website.

The video of the incident was posted on Instagram by the user named 5th year. The video has gained more than 373k views.

Eric Argueta, who also took video of the incident, told ABC 10 news website that Freitas was "swinging at another lady" before the police arrived and carried her out.

"She looked like she had no control of herself and she was refusing to leave the stadium. This is why it took four police officers to get her out," he said.

The Miami Dade County Police Department has also released a statement about the incident,

"Promoting a safe and secure environment during any special event is our primary concern. After responding to a disturbance, the person in the video was being removed from the event by our officers for being disorderly. She was subsequently arrested for Battery on a Law Enforcement Officer and Disorderly Conduct/Breach of the peace. Supervisory personnel are aware of the video and are reviewing the incident to ensure compliance with our policies and procedures," the statement read.