A young woman, from the south Indian state of Telangana, has been rescued after neighbours informed police that her family had kept her bound and chained in a room.

Geetha, who was rescued on 9 November, reportedly had her arms tied behind her back with a chain and padlock. It is alleged that the woman's brothers and sisters-in-law had kept her captive for months.

In her complaint, the 25-year-old, said: "They kept me chained. They gave me chilli powder with rice once in two days. They gave me torn clothes and never let me out of the house." Geetha added that her relatives had not even allowed her to go to the toilet.

During investigation, it was also found that the woman is a graduate and used to work as a teacher before her relatives chained her up. Her family members have claimed that she is not mentally stable and if left free, she would run out of the house.

According to police, Geetha told her story and was able to identify her brothers, but refused to identify her mother, NDTV reported.

A case against the family has been registered and police have started their probe. The family members have been accused of wrongful confinement and wrongful restraint.

Ananth Sharma, a senior police officer said, "If she is mentally unstable, under Lunacy Act, we will present her in court and send her to Hyderabad for treatment." The officer added that they have shifted Geetha to a hospital in Hyderabad city for assessment and treatment.