An Australia woman's scalp was ripped from her skull in a horrific sheep shearing shed accident in regional New South Wales.

Casey Barnes, of Gilgandra, was helping her father and boyfriend in the shed when her hair was caught in the electric motors used to power the shearers. The motor pulled in Barnes' hair and removed her scalp from the back of her head to the top of her ears and eyes. The accident occurred on 29 November.

She was flown to Sydney for 20 hours of surgery, reports She was put in an induced coma to limit her movements with doctors hoping the scalp would heal.

Unfortunately Barnes' scalp could not be reattached. Doctors are hopeful they can use artificial skin to replace what she has lost.

One of Barnes' best friends has started a GoFundMe page to help counter rising medical bills.

Pictures of Barnes recovery can be viewed on the GoFundMe page. In an emotional post, Roseanne Burns said the accident "could only be described as something unimaginable".

"As a shearer and a roustabout, not only is it bloody hard work but if it rains you don't get paid," Burns wrote on the page.

"There is no such thing as annual or sick leave in this industry... you don't work you don't get paid. I have started this page to ask for your support to help these two make this incredibly tuff (sic) time they have ahead of them a little less stressful financially..."

The page has already raised A$32,500 at the time of writing, A$12,500 more than the initial goal.

Casey Barnes
Casey Barnes following surgery after a freak accident removed her scalp. GoFundMe
Casey Barnes
Casey Barnes underwent 20 hours of surgery and was in an induced coma until 3 December. GoFundMe