A 24-year-old Indian woman was married against her wishes and then gangraped, in an apparent act of revenge in north India. The woman's brother eloped with a married woman and she was forced to marry her new sister-in-law's former husband.

Not content with the humiliation of a forced marriage, the young woman was then attacked and raped by her in-laws. The village council is believed to have supported the horrific act, claiming it was in line with ancient codes. The entire incident only came to light after the victim filed a police complaint about the gangrape.

The victim, whose identity is protected by the Indian constitution, reportedly told police she agreed to the marriage under pressure and because "I knew there would be bloodbath in the village if I refused."

"My brothers-in-law raped me mercilessly the same day I married. It became a routine. My father-in-law claimed that he had agreed to my marriage since he wanted to take revenge [on my family] this way," the woman stated.

The case filed against the victim's brother was dropped, after investigations proved his wife married him willingly. Meanwhile, the brother accused local law enforcement of aiding and abetting the forced marriage and gangrape of his sister, claiming the police present did not take action until those responsible had fled the village.

"The husband of the Panchayat [village council] chief was also present when the fate of my sister was decided. He was very vocal and wanted the harshest punishment for us," he added.

The above incident comes only two weeks after another young woman was allegedly gangraped and burned alive in Etawah, the hometown of Uttar Pradesh chief minister Akhilesh Yadav. In that instance, the 20-year-old victim was turned away by police officials, who refused to register her complaint.