George Galloway
The EDL are "moral dwarves" claims George Galloway.

George Galloway has described the murder in Woolwich as an "indefensible crime" while defending his claim that Britain's involvement in Syria is equally reprehensible.

The Respect MP, speaking exclusively to IBTimes UK, also described the English Defence League (EDL) as "moral dwarves" and said the British people are "too sensible" to attack Muslim property, despite allegations that the Woolwich murder was motivated by terrorism.

Galloway caused controversy yesterday by tweeting that "this sickening atrocity in London is exactly what we are paying the same kind of people to do in Syria."

Today he defended his claim, telling IBTimes UK that the tweet "has the benefit of being undisputably true.

"We've given hundreds of millions of pounds to the Syrian rebels and demanded the EU ends the arms embargo so we can give them guns too.

"We've all seen, if we care to watch, not just innumerable snuff videos of the Syrian rebels cutting people's heads off but cutting off their hearts and eating their hearts on camera."

Galloway went on to claim that the sort of violence witnessed on a London street "will happen again, because we are at war with Muslims all over the world. It will happen again as long as we are, as a country, involved in spreading murder and mayhem across the Muslim world."

However Galloway was quick to demonstrate that he was in no way condoning the Woolwich murder, saying "yesterday was indefensible.

"The true disaster of 7/7, as yesterday, is that the crimes of guilty people are paid for by innocent people. Like on 7/7 the people getting people killed and maimed are not the people spreading murder and mayhem. That's why it's a crime to do what was done yesterday."

Galloway said that the retaliatory violence seen last night in Kent and Essex, where local mosques were attacked, won't be repeated on a national scale "because the number of people involved in that kind of thing are small and dwindling. The British people are not that kind of people."

He described the EDL as "a tiny rump of football hooligans, peddling a fascist ideology and declining fast.

"The British people are too sensible to follow these moral dwarves."