The world is not a safe heaven and it doesn't matter whether you live in developed or developing countries, you are unsafe.

Surprisingly, the United States is considered the dangerous country with highest number of homicides every year, followed by Brazil (a country marred by gang violence) and South Africa (which is reportedly the "rape capital of the world").

According to the report by Business Insider, Burundi (which has child soldiers) records the highest number of deaths at 15,000 per year due to HIV and Antarctica boasts tempreratures of -100F; both these have made to the list.

While Afghanistan (a country where landmines are scattered everywhere) and Sudan (beset by civil war) are also in the list of the world's most dangerous nations for their social unrest, violence and a high risk of major diseases. Colombia (with numerous cases of kidnapping) and Iraq (which struggles with ethnic conflict) are in the list too.

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