Teams of enthusiasts gathered to compete in the World Custard Pie Throwing Championship on Saturday 6 June in Coxheath, Kent.

Seventeen British teams and one from Japan participated in a messy competition, battling for the World Custard Pie Throwing title.

Some dressed up as fairies, others as superheroes, in the hope that the outfit would help them obtain the trophy.

"We've got the camouflage. We've got the tactics. And if all else fails, we can just blow their brains out," said members of the military-themed Privates on Parade team ahead of the competition.

Japanese participants, who battled under the name ITTE-Q, travelled across the world to take on their competitors for the chance to win the title.

"We came all the way from Japan just to win this competition. So, we will win," team members said.

The rules of the competition are simple: every team is made up of four people wearing fancy dress. The teams stand next to a table and throw the pies at their opponents eight feet away.

A direct hit in the face brings six points, a hit on the chest five points, a hit on the arms brings three points, while three misses results in points being deducted.

The competition dates back to 1967, with teams from Canada, Finland, and Germany having taken part in previous years.

The Japanese team snatched the title this year after a hard-fought battle against The Fairy Cakes to the loud cheering of the crowd.