National Penguin Day is here, a day when our flightless, feathered friends finally get the attention they deserve. While we should remember that penguins around the southern hemisphere are facing real issues with their habitats and climate change, let's not forget how very, very adorable they are.

Compiled just for you, here are a selection of penguins being really cute. Enjoy them, cherish them, celebrate this day for them. It's a Monday anyway, what were you really going to do?

Penguins on a melting ice block
Two Adelie penguins stand atop a block of melting ice on a rocky shoreline at Cape Denison, Commonwealth Bay, in East Antarctica Reuters
Humboldt penguins swim at London Zoo
Humboldt penguins swim in their pool during the stock take at London Zoo Reuters
Adelie penguins in Antarctica
An Adelie penguin is pictured at Cape Denison, Commonwealth Bay, East Antarctica Reuters
Young king penguin in Zurich Zoo
A young king penguin stands in an enclosure at Zurich\'s Zoo Reuters
A penguin chick running on the beach
One of eight penguin chicks makes its way to the ocean after being released by Taronga Zoo staff at Long Reef, Sydney Reuters
Tomas the Penguin
Tomas, a lost Humboldt penguin, walks at the headquarters of the police Salvage Unit in Chorrillos, before it is transferred to a penguin colony on San Lorenzo Island Reuters
Baby humboldt penguin being weighed
Two-day-old baby Humboldt penguin \'Wotsit\' is weighed at the penguin enclosure at Chester Zoo Getty
Gentoo penguins in Antarctica
View of Gentoo penguins (Pygoscelis Papua) at the Yankee Harbour in the South Shetland Islands, Antarctica Getty
Chinstrap penguins in Antarctica
Chinstrap penguins (Pygoscelis Antarctica) are pictured in Orne Harbour in the western Antarctic peninsula Getty
Gentoo penguins waddle over rocks in Antarctica
Gentoo penguins waddle over the rocks in Cuverville Island, in the western Antarctic peninsula Getty

Wasn't that great? Yeah, it was great.