Istanbul traffic
People make their way as traffic is stalled after a heavy snowfall on a main road in Istanbul Reuters

Workers in Istanbul and Mexico City have been experiencing the worst traffic congestion across the world.

Drivers in these cities faced with a 30 minute journey in free-flowing traffic lose no fewer than 110 hours to gridlock every year, according to a study conducted by navigation systems producer TomTom.

The annual delay is about 109 hours in the Russian capital of Moscow, followed by St. Petersburg at 104 hours.

Romania's capital, Bucharest, jointly rounds off the top five with Brazilian city Recife. In fact, Brazil is well represented in the gridlock league with both Rio de Janeiro and Salvador joining Recife in the top 10. Los Angeles is the only US city represented in this list with 95 hours of delays per 30 minute commute.

Given below is a chart produced by Statista, showing annual hourly delays per commuter in the world's most congested cities. Infographic: The World's Worst Cities For Gridlock | Statista