Worst Road world Russia
The most dangerous road in the world is in Russia, bloggers claim (YouTube)

Russian bloggers claim they have found the most dangerous road in the world. The surface appears to have been the site of a major earthquake or hit by several bomb attacks.

In videos posted online, netizens have shown the appalling conditions of a stretch of 'paved' road in the area of Yaroslavl, located some 160 miles north east of Moscow.

It's known locally as the Olympic road as it was built for the 1980 Summer Games hosted by the now defunct Soviet Union.

Parts of the road are impossible to travel along and a video posted on YouTube shows the driver of a Mercedes making a prompt U-turn after stopping before the devastated stretch.

In the footage, an intrepid female cyclist pushes her bike through the potholes, while another prefers to ride on the grass rather than on the dilapidated highway.

Netizens have challenged other internet users to come up with worse examples.

Local authorities say damages were caused by spring floods and pledged to start work to rebuild the road.

"This spring, floods were really heavy and this road, as well as many others was severely damaged. We've repaired a number of them, though some still are under construction," said Vladimir Goncharov, head of Rostov District of the Yaroslavl area.

Russian roads are the cause of many protests by motorists due to their poor state. In April, President Vladimir Putin was bombarded by pleas to fix roads across the country during an annual televised Q & A sessions with the public.

Extreme weather conditions often cause damages that local authorities take time to fix, due to the country's size. Russia is the largest country in the world and covers 17,098,242 square kilometres.