Alexa Bliss, the current Monday Night Raw women's champion, has revealed that Triple H and his D-Generation X crew were partly the cause behind her not being able to watch the Attitude Era as a child.

The first ever woman to have held both the Raw and SmackDown Live women's champion title has said she was not allowed to watch WWE superstars from squaring off during the Attitude Era as a punishment for doing the DX sign and telling her mother to "s**k it" when she was once asked to clean her room.

"I wasn't allowed to watch the Attitude Era because my mom told me to clean my room once and I was like, I have two words for you, so I put my arms up to do the 'Suck It' and she was like, you're grounded, and I was like, that's not how it goes," the 25-year-old wrestler said on the latest episode of Chris Jericho's podcast, Talk Is Jericho, as transcribed by WrestleZone.

Bliss, however, was able to watch the fights at her grandmother's house. "So I wasn't allowed to watch the Attitude Era, but my mom would let me watch it anyways at my grandma's."

Bliss was a huge wrestling fan since a young age. She said: "I absolutely was a wrestling fan. My whole family—big wrestling fans. I watched it since I was 6 I think, about 6.

"My cousins and I had a blow-up pool that didn't have water in it, so we pretended to be the Hardys and Lita, so we were jumping in in the pool and acting like we were wrestling. We watched Raw every Monday, we had Pizza and my family watched it," she added.

Alexa Bliss
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